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 Prayer Watch Updates


Night Prayer Watch - Monthly 

(Friday beginning at midnight)


     Join with intercessors from around the nation and nations for  Prayer Night Watch first Friday night of the month beginning at midnight through Saturday 6 AM.


     The watch is divided into 3 time periods:


1-   From midnight to 2 AM

2-   From 2 AM to 4 AM

3-   From 4 AM to 6 AM


     Feel free to call in at the beginning of a watch or anytime during the 6 hours. Please identify yourself and where you are calling from at an appropriate time to the moderator.


     The numbers to participate in the Night Watch are: (712) 432-3900 / 287052#


     Thank you to all who have remained faithful in this fight. We remain confident in the promise that, “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God…” (II Cor 10:4). The word of God and the blood of Jesus combined with the prayers of the saints are the spiritual weapons given to us for the pulling down of the strongholds, arguments and every high thing that has been exalted against the knowledge and truth of God.




     Included below is a recent article by Rick Joyner titled, ‘Liberty or Slavery’, which gives an understanding of Marxism as well as the threat it presents to liberty.

Liberty or Slavery

(Understanding Marxism)


                                                                             by Rick Joyner  


     The Free Market thrives on freedom. The more it has the better it does. People thrive in freedom. The more freedom people have, the better they do, and the happier and more productive they become, a fact to which history is an overwhelming witness. Mankind was created to be free, and as we are told in II Corinthians 3:17, “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”


     Marxism is the antithesis of freedom, and the source of the greatest oppression and slavery mankind has ever experienced. Under Marxism, the state is god and dictates everything everyone does. You go to school where the state tells you, study what they tell you to study, work at the job they tell you to, live where you are allowed to live, and can only have relationships you are allowed to have. It actually gets even worse than this, as the state tells you where you are allowed to go, what you are allowed to say, and even what you are allowed to think. Any deviation from what is allowed brings swift punishment, and even torture and execution.

"AMERICA'S Prayer Mighty Men Strategy"

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