Presidential Prayer Update 10-18-19 (A Vision from Latvia) "RELENTLESS"

Presidential Prayer Watch

October 18, 2019 – Update (A Vision from Latvia)



   The term ‘relentless’ means: showing no abatement of severity, intensity, strength, or pace. This describes the actions of those who have, from his first day in office sought to remove President Trump from the presidency. They will not give up, period! Their goal of completely shredding the constitution and remaking America into what they envision is what keeps them on their path. Those of us who know what his removal would mean must not give up either.


     We cannot forget that more than a political battle we are engaged in a fight initiated, organized and conducted from the spiritual realm. As we have often mentioned, we are fighting for the soul of a nation and the souls in this nation. Our enemy is relentless but so are we.


     Years ago I read about Sir Henry Shackleton and his crew of twenty seven courageous men and one castaway, who set out on a journey to be the first humans to cross the Polar continent.


     Two years prior to the journey Shackleton was disappointed time after time when promised grants for financial assistance failed to come to pass. Finally through his unwavering persistence and confidence his dream became reality.


     Along the journey the Endurance, which his wooden vessel was named, was battered with gale-force winds up to 150 miles per hour and waves that at times reached 80 feet high. Temperatures during the long polar nights would often plunge to minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun was often unseen for weeks at a time. The darkness was almost beyond comprehension.


     Along the journey the Endurance became trapped and was crushed in the ice-filled waters. Shackleton and his crew had to finish the one thousand mile journey on foot. Yet they continued often drifting on ice packs and crossing unnamed mountains and glaciers.


     Shackleton’s mission and passion was to save his crew and bring every man home alive. Through his relentless determination this courageous leader overcame what seemed insurmountable eventually accomplishing his goal. Everyone made it back home.


     The story revealed how, often in the face of death, the captain and crew of the Endurance would not allow themselves to even consider the possibility of failure. If they had their doom would have been sure.


     There is too much at stake for the intercessors who have aided in getting the president and our nation to the place it is today. Like the crew of the Endurance we too must remain relentless if we are to see the dream of America reach its God-ordained destination. And endure we will!


     After watching the president last night deliver his speech in Dallas I almost thought maybe I didn’t need to send the word I’ve included below out. Last night, even in the midst of all the relentless attacks of America’s enemies, he truly rose to the occasion. However, I received this word and want to pass it on for our intercession. I believe our prayers have turned back the plans of darkness and will continue to do so if we stay our course and America begins to turn back to God, which is our highest desire.


     Here is the word we recently received:  


     I'm an American living in Eastern Europe. I just received a phone call from a Christian Latvian man telling me I needed to pray urgently for President Trump and that something unprecedented and awful had happened to our president. This friend saw that the president is about to come under an attack that has the express goal of provoking him to anger. In this vision, as long as President Trump remained peaceful he would have victory over the attacker. 


     But in the vision and in an instance, the president’s eyes became full of anger. This was the opening Satan was looking for. President Trump was taken out of commission in this attack. In order to gain the victory, he must remain calm and full of the Spirit. He was not to get riled up or react in the flesh.


     Regarding this word, we are aware of accusations that have suggested the president has already reacted in this manner. However, these were only accusations and part of the ongoing misinformation campaign being waged against the president. What the enemy is after is a public outburst that will be captured on camera and undeniable.


     Please join me in adding this to our intercession over the next few weeks. Pray the president will have a supernatural grace to remain calm when in the face of anything this vision could pertain to. Pray just the opposite of what the enemy has planned will occur. Pray for supernatural deliverance from such an attack.


     Thanks again for your faithfulness in standing with so many others in interceding for the president and our nation.


     Regardless of what the media says and politicians do we are confident in our God who hears and answers the heartfelt prayers of the saints.






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