The Impeachment Trial, Virginia State of Emergency and the Spirit of Prophecy

Presidential Prayer Watch

January 17, 2020 –UPDATE

The Impeachment Trial, Virginia State of Emergency

and the Spirit of Prophecy

     The book of Jude is a call to contend and battle false teachers and teachings. The challenge would be risky, especially in the middle of a spreading apostasy which was affecting some they never imagined would fall to such obvious deception. Jude who himself was a true bondservant of Jesus Christ charged the saints of his day to contend for the faith once and for all delivered to the saints. To assist them in the fight, Jude encourages the believers to be those who were “praying in the Holy Spirit”. The saints of Jude’s day were called to a fight that would determine the eternal destiny of multitudes. They could not grow weary. Too much was at stake.

     This week, two major events will take place in America that demand the church arise and fight. Not with fleshly weapons of our own making, but in intercession, which is far more powerful.   

     As all of you are aware the ‘so-called’ impeachment trial of the president, which is nothing but a coup-attempt to remove the president from office will begin on Tuesday, January 21st. If the goal of removing him is not achieved the plan and hope is to do irreparable damage to his presidency in the eyes of the public ahead of the 2020 elections. Those who’ve charged the president of interfering in the elections are doing exactly what they are falsely accusing him of doing. Those accusing the president of obstructing congress are the very one’s obstructing justice from taking place.

     As discussed before, this strategy has always been in the playbook for conducting effective revolutions and in the overthrowing of governments. Without question this is a strategy from the courts of hell.

     Another scheme from this playbook is to convince your enemy that you have more power than you really have. As Saul Alinsky in his book, Rules for Radicals writes, ‘power is not only what you have but its what your enemy thinks you have. Understanding this tactic is where you and I and a host of other intercessors come in. The real truth is exactly as Jesus described in Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give you (His followers) authority to trample (tread) on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” As believers in Jesus we have been given the authority, the power, the anointing, the commissioning and the honor (see Psalm 149) to dismantle and destroy the works of darkness that threaten the lives of people and nations.

     In praying for what is about to unfold in America we are confident the Holy Spirit will show us how to pray. In addition, here are some suggestions over the next few weeks:

a.      Pray much in the Spirit!!!

     The battle for the soul of and the soul’s in our nation will not be won by might or power. Victory will not be secured by intellect or elections. We must vote! But this war will only be won by the Spirit!


b.     Pray for a practical yet supernatural wisdom and grace to be given to the president’s legal team.


c.      Pray confusion in the camp of those who will serve as the managers and the prosecution coming solely from the left.


d.     Pray as in the days of Esther that the opposite of what the enemy has planned will occur. Pray those building the gallows for the president will themselves fall to the same fate they are preparing for him. THIS IS BIBLICAL!


e.      Keep praying Psalm 55:9, “Destroy, O Lord, and divide their tongues (speech and counsel)” of both the prosecution and the media whose falsehoods are specifically designed to convince the unsuspecting that what is good is evil and what is evil is good.


f.       Pray the Republicans in the Senate would stand united and firm for the constitution and not go along with a process that is grossly unconstitutional.


g.     Pray members of the Senate from both parties be delivered from manipulation and witchcraft. Because this is a spiritual battle spiritual forces are at work over the nation. Satan is using those who have been taken captive by him to do his will.


h.     Pray that any of the Senate Republicans who are what Jesus described in Matthew 7:15, ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing, be exposed as to who they really are and removed from office.


i.       Pray as referenced in Matthew 27:19 where Pilate was sitting on the judgment seat and his wife came to him warning him to have nothing to do with the uprising against Jesus. Pray these Senators will either have a dream or someone close to them, as did Pilate’s wife, will have a dream warning them to have nothing to do with the unconstitutional plot being carried out against the president. Pray they would be filled with the fear of God.


j.       Pray Psalm 56 and make it personal inserting the president and the nation in the appropriate places.  


k.     Regardless of the assault against President Trump, pray he, his family and cabinet would remain at peace, protected and undeterred from the course set before him. Pray the president will accomplish more during these days than at any other time in his presidency. (For ex. important trade deals with China, restoring the freedom for students to pray in our schools, standing for persecuted Christians around the world, etc…)  



     Next, if you are not aware, the governor of Virginia has declared a state of emergency in advance of a 2nd Amendment pro-gun rights rally planned for this Monday, January 20th. People will be going to Richmond from almost every county in the state. Without going into detail, pray that any plans or scheme to bring about an act of violence during the rally by those planted among the crowd that could then be blamed on the president and his supporters be exposed and fail. Bind such deceptive activity from happening in Jesus Name and pray peace will prevail over Richmond, VA this Monday. God will hear our prayers and hell’s plans will be defeated in advance. Satan would love to take advantage of this event in Richmond, as he did in Charlottesville in August of 2017, creating a deeper division in the nation. Thank you for taking this matter serious.


     Finally, I am including a vision and word given to one of the prayer leaders from the Presidential Prayer Watch in North Carolina. I believe this word confirms a unique role this prayer watch is called to fulfill.

     Thanks again for keeping your hand on the plow, standing with us in prayer and for placing these two imminent events under the blood of Jesus!

Go to to see additional specific bible-based prayer strategies.


Worship God, for the Testimony of Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy.  Rev. 19:10

     While preparing for the prayer watch for the President, I saw a vision of a large and very majestic eagle. He was perched on a branch of a dead tree on top of a high mountain. The eagle seemed to be positioned in the east and was looking out into the direction of the west. Behind him in the east was a river that reminded me of the Potomac. The mountain was high and rocky without many trees or much vegetation.

     Here was this magnificent eagle watching with great diligence out into a vast horizon. His profile was before me. I could see his white head and his golden eye peering out into the distance. 

     The vision was very vivid and grew into an encounter with a strong Presence of the Holy Spirit. As I kept looking I asked: Who is this eagle?

     A Voice said: This is the American Prophetic Spirit that has watched over this nation since its beginnings. This eagle was peering out over the nation, watching over the call and destiny of America, watching over the harvest, the sending to the nations and the sheep nations of the earth.

     Zechariah means, Yahweh Remembers. When this eagle was identified, the Holy Spirit began to reveal things He remembers - things He has watched over since our beginning. 

     The Voice said: The Covenants of God, made with the founders, are stronger than the covenants with death and hell. 

     The Lord remembers Plymouth. He remembers not only the Covenant of those founders from 400 years ago, but also the 50 who did not survive that first year and became seeds falling into the ground to produce a great harvest. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints…PS.116:15.


     This American Prophetic Spirit is a pioneering spirit that was fundamental to the building of America and has not yet come to its fullness. Jesus has watched over it since the beginning.


     This Prophetic spirit over America is greatly coveted in hell. The devil has sought to cover it over with witchcraft, divination, secret societies, racism, humanism and many other things.

     As America enters a new decade the opposition of the enemy is fierce. The devil now openly seeks the destruction of the nation as we know it. But the Spirit of God has brought us to a moment when the Covenants of God and the destiny of the nation are being recovered.

     This requires diligence, vigilance, and watching… A new level of watching with the Lord is necessary as represented by the Eagle over America. We have arrived at a pivotal moment in American history.


There is a recovery of the American Prophetic Spirit and watching over the nation that is critical for all of 2020 – especially through the elections this year.


The enemy has launched his attempts to destroy the nation, but God has determined a series of Jubilees for America completing her call to Israel, the nations and the harvest of the earth.


The Upcoming Jubilees: Liberation by the Power of the Blood

·         2020 – The Mayflower Compact - 400 years & Eight Jubilees – No King but Jesus!

·         2020 - The Triumph of the Suffragists – the 100th year anniversary & Two Jubilees. This legacy does not belong to radical feminism. Many of the early suffragists were converted in Finney’s revivals and worked with the abolitionists for Liberty in Christ. This legacy belongs to the One New Man whom the Son has set free.

·         2021 – One of the First Celebrations of Thanksgiving – This is America’s Feast of Tabernacles – Eight Jubilees

·         2026 – 250th Anniversary of the Founding of the Nation- the Fifth Jubilee of the Nation – No King but Jesus!


     The Lord has determined a cycle of Jubilees for America and the completion of her call as a nation.

There are prophetic nests of eagles whom God is empowering to WATCH WITH HIM in this hour of confrontation with the powers of darkness and the recovery of the testimony of Jesus Christ in America.


     There is a manifestation of the testimony of Jesus Christ in every nation and people group. It takes all of them to complete the inheritance of the Lord in the earth. 


     There are four views of Jesus in the presentation of the Gospel – the Lion, the Ox, the Man and the Eagle. It takes the Eagle to complete the Presentation of Jesus – the Word made Flesh, the Lamb of God, the Savior of the world and our King and our Bridegroom.


     PRAYER: Father, through the power of Your Holy Spirit let us receive the Testimony of Jesus for America and know His heart for our nation and the nations of the earth. You said to Jeremiah: I am watching over My Word to perform it. As we see the spring trees beginning to bloom, we declare that You are watching over Your Word to perform it. There is no watchman like the Lord Himself, and we are watching, standing in agreement declaring the Word of the Lord in the recovery that You have determined for America.

Thank you for continuing to stand,