(UPDATE June 21, 2019)

Wars and Rumors of Wars – President Trump and Iran



Dear Presidential Prayer Watch Intercessors,


     As we continue to stand in the gap for the president, an obvious and immediate concern and focus for prayer is in regard to the ongoing tensions with Iran.


     While praying for the president we saw a vision where his hands had been tied. Because of the pressure the president is facing from both sides, (those who want war and those who don’t), join us in agreeing his hands will be and ‘remain’ loosed from any of man’s constraints. Pray he will be free to obey and do what is the perfect will of God regarding Iran. Pray he will hear the counsel of heaven above any other advice.


     We have been given the authority to bind on earth what has been bound in heaven and loose on earth, (and in this case the president’s hands), what has already been loosed in heaven. Therefore we can pray with absolute confidence the president’s hands are and will remain loosed in Jesus Name and that he is free to choose what is right and just before God.


     Thank you for joining with us on this critical issue today.


     We should also be reminded that the late Kim Clement prior to the presidential election, was shown what we are now hearing coming from the left and the media today when he prophetically declared, “They will shout IMPEACH! IMPEACH! They say, but Nay.” In other words God pre-warned the church of what would come against President Trump in order to give us confidence in our intercession today. The cries for impeachment as well as any attempt of an assassination will not succeed as we continue to build a wall around him in prayer.





     The next PRESIDENTIAL PRAYER NIGHT WATCH will take place Friday at midnight on August 2. There will not be a Night Watch in July. 


Pastor David White - Presidential Prayer Watch (Moravian Falls, NC)