(Update – 3/28/2019


     The Apostle Paul boldly proclaimed, “Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ,” (II Cor 2:14). The Passion Bible interprets this verse declaring how “God always makes his grace visible in Christ, who includes us as partners of His endless triumph”.

     We are all extremely thankful to God for the victories we have witnessed in praying for the president and our nation. If you look closely at the prayer targets found on our web site, that we have been fervently praying, it is amazing what God has done.

     For example as in Proverbs 5:22 there is much evidence the wicked have been “caught in the cords of (their) sin”. Furthermore as in Psalm 55:9 we can see how God has and is in the process of destroying and dividing, “their tongues”, (the communication/speech and the propaganda of the media and corrupt politicians) who as David wrote in this Psalm, was the cause of much violence, strife, trouble, destruction, oppression and deceit being spread across the land, (cities, streets).

     It is no accident that on the day following Purim, which ended on March 21st, the Mueller report was released clearing the president of any so-called Russian collusion. As in the days of Queen Esther and as we have been praying, those in league with the spirit behind what Haman represented were entrapped in their own plots.  

     As you are aware great victories are often followed with opportunities for even greater and sudden defeats if those who experienced victory become proud or stop doing what led to their victories.

     Just as Psalm 54 confirms, God has heard “my (our) prayer”. He has given “ear to the words of my (our) mouth”. He has delivered our president and nation from the strangers and oppressors who have risen up against and sought after our life. He has most assuredly been our “helper” and He will be faithful to “repay my, (our nation’s) enemies for their evil”. He will do all this and much more if we continue to intercede, trust and believe.

     I personally want to thank each of you for your faithfulness and perseverance in this calling to stand in the gap for our president and nation. I am more convinced and confident than ever that our prayers are more powerful than any plan or propaganda coming from any media outlet, corrupt politician or former or present governmental official. We can rest assured there is only one government God’s word promises will forever increase both now and forever. In the meantime let’s stay in the trenches engaged in the fight we are assured we will ultimately win.

     In many ways the battle for the soul of and the souls in our nation has just begun. These battles are sure to only intensify leading into 2020 and beyond. God’s grace will remain upon His people whose heart is set on Him. We may be facing Goliath, but we have the heart of David.

     One of the prayer targets I would encourage us to focus and stand upon comes from the Passion Bible and Psalm 140:1-8. I have listed it below as it is especially relevant for these times.

"Lord, protect (the president, etc.) from the evil one!  Rescue (him and our nation) from these violent schemes!

(They) concoct (their) secret strategy to divide and harm others, stirring up trouble one against another. They are known for their sharp rhetoric of poisonous hateful words.

Keep (the president) safe, Lord, out of the reach from these wicked and violent men (and women), and guard (him and our nation) for they have plotted an evil scheme to ruin (him) and bring (him) down. They are proud and insolent; they've set an ambush for (him) in secret.
They are determined to snare (him) in their net like captured prey.

O Lord, you are (our) God and (our) saving strength! (Our) Hero-God, You wrap yourself around (him) to protect (him). For (he and we are) surrounded by Your presence in the day of battle.

Lord Yahweh, hear my cry. May my voice move Your heart to show (the president and this nation) mercy.
Don't let the wicked triumph over (us), but bring down their every evil strategy to subdue or they will become even more arrogant!”


God greatly bless each of you!

Pastor David White - Presidential Prayer Watch (Moravian Falls, NC)