The Gathering - Presidential Prayer NIGHT Watch
1st Saturday Morning (12-2, 2-4, 4-6am) of each month.   A telephone conference number will be provided you to call in to your session.  Be prepared for your time with bible, and any other items you may need.  Review the guidelines and seek the Lord for anything that may contribute to that focus of the Watch (i.e., Events of that month regarding topics, dates, prophecy, scriptures, etc.)  These are the topics for each of the three Watches. In order to focus on your particular Watch, feel free to review the others as well, so you can pray from a more informed perspective.  As you can see there is a “flow”. Note:  To prepare please read 28 - 2016 NW Occult section.pdf.  The occult segment is a critical piece of the NIGHTWATCH agenda – in fact, it is a “driver”.  May the grace of our Lord Jesus, the Captain of our Salvation, surround you with all of His goodness.
1st Watch-12p-2a
1.Examine our hearts in preparation to receive Communion leader will serve
2.  Repentance for sins within the Church and sins in the Nation
3.  Pray that God will strengthen and encourage the hearts of His people in our nation
4.  Pray for the Native Americans (believers and       nonbelievers) in our land
5.  Pulling down strongholds of occult activities in our nation that work to prevent the expansion of God’s Kingdom and hindering the harvest of souls;
* 6.  Ending with personal worship / a new song, the Lord’s prayer and the doxology.
2nd Watch-2a-4a
1.  Pray for our FAMILIES -- government begins at home
2.  Pray for President Donald J. Trump
3.  Pray for the Government of the United States of America: ·The Executive Branch members
·The United States Congress
·The Supreme Court
·America’s Constitution
·All others in authority
4.  The LORD is the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords!  Finish this watch by singing along with The Royal Choral Society as they trumpet THE HALLELUJAH CHORUS!
3rd Watch-4a-6a
1.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem;
2.  Praying for the 7x7 mountains of our culture;
3.  Pray for protection from any type of attacks against our nation, both domestic and foreign;
4.  Praying for the persecuted church in all the nations, including the United States of America;
5.  Pray for the HARVEST of souls that God would bring into His Kingdom;
6.  Prayer for laborers to go forth into the harvest;
7 .Worshiping God in the Beauty of His Holiness.