JUNE 12, 2020


In case you missed it, I wanted to send you a copy of the letter Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano recently sent to President Trump. If you follow the president on Twitter, he included a copy of the lette in a tweet mentioning how he hoped everyone, religious or not, reads it. We want to help this happen!

     As expected, the American media has ignored the letter and the president’s response.

     Here is a direct quote taken from the letter addressed to the president: “We will discover that the riots in these days were provoked by those who, seeing that the virus is inevitably fading and that the social alarm of the pandemic is waning, necessarily have had to provoke civil disturbances,…”

     I know little about Archbishop Vigano, but I am grateful for his letter and how he pointed out to the president how not only is there a Deep State but a Deep Church to be aware of. 

     I believe this letter further confirms the urgency and absolute necessity of why we must keep our hands on the plow in interceding for President Trump in this critical hour. The battle we are currently engaged in will one day be known as one of the epic battles of this age.

     Please forward this update to others.
     Click the link below to read or watch the video of it being read aloud.

     Thank you again for remaining faithful in this mission and please notice the additional prayer strategies below the link.
David White
 Listed below are the additional prayer strategies in our last update:
a. Pray that every attempt to remove or weaken the president in advance of the election in November will BACKFIRE.

b. Pray the false accusation that the president is racist be pulled down and have no power to continue to be used as a weapon against him. 

c. Pray the president will only hear and receive the counsel and wisdom that comes from above regarding how to handle the ongoing crisis in Seattle and in many of our cities. 

d. Pray any plan for a second wave of the coronavirus and subsequent lockdowns will BACKFIRE.

e. Pray the plan to further divide America by race and political party will BACKFIRE.

f. Pray any further death and destruction from the rioting and anarchy come to an end. 
  g. Pray those working behind the scenes to encourage the rioting be exposed.