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Why Should I be Baptized, whether for the first time or again if I have been baptized before? Here are some reasons…


   First, a new believer who has turned from sin and has chosen to follow Jesus is baptized as a public testimony of their being forgiven and their conversion. This is Believers Baptism or a Baptism to Repentance. (Matt 3:6-8)

   Second, baptism in water, (immersion), is our identifying with Jesus who died and rose from the dead. Before salvation, we were dead in our sins but having received Him has been raised into a new life in Christ. (Rom 6:8)

   Third, baptism is the sign of our becoming part of the body of Christ of whom Jesus is Head. (Eph 4:4-6)


But there is more…


   Fourth, the bible refers to a baptism of fire. (Matt 3:11) In this current baptism revival that began in North Georgia, the pastor was shown a vision of what he described as fire on top of the water. He believed God showed him that in the water Jesus would be baptizing people in the Holy Spirit and fire for cleansing and empowering.


   Fifth, as was the custom in Jesusday the Jews would often enter into a Mikveh (bath) for cleansing of the body. 

Jesus is coming again for a bride without spot or wrinkle. (Eph 5:27, Rev 19:7)


   Sixth, in Matt 3:13-15 Jesus was baptized, not unto repentance because He never sinned, but into His purpose and destiny to fulfill all righteousness. In this hour God is drawing people into the baptismal waters including those who have been previously baptized releasing them into their purpose and calling as a son or daughter of God.


   Baptism is not a magical experience but a spiritual encounter. The water is a point of contact where people 

are encountering Jesus and where lives and situations are changed by His presence.


  Baptisms at The Gathering take Friday nights at Fire in the Falls and at other times as directed. (Clothes and towels are provided)