Latest Message from The Gathering


August 7, 2019 Update


“The patriot preachers of the late 1700’s fanned the flames of liberty and truth and when the time came, bravely led their men to fight to secure them… Like those men of God from long ago, modern preachers must once again “connect the religious and political dots” for their congregations if we hope to save our culture from certain disaster. Today’s preachers must return to their posts as watchman on the wall and keep a “sober and vigilant” watch. Without the return of this kind of spiritual leadership, America is destined to continue wandering blindly in the fog of “political correctness” and godless humanism – and, ultimately, to its doom”. (Former Oklahoma State Representative and Pastor Dan Fisher - ‘Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment’)


     This update may be the most important I’ve written as some leaders seem to be backing off of their support and therefore their intercession for President Trump. However, this is not the time to retreat from the enemies of truth and freedom, because in doing so we will have embraced all that has set as its goal the president’s and this nation’s demise.

     I have written a short continuation of the rest of the story from II Chronicles 23 we have used in the past as a rallying cry and strategy for our intercession. At the end we’ve included a link to a recent article by Mario Murillo I feel is most timely. I personally appreciate Mario’s boldness and willingness to hold nothing back in his writings. Martin Luther King was correct when he said, “the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”. Those times have come.

     Thanks again for all who are staying true to this mission and all who have recently jumped on board. It seems as if Satan himself has set himself against the president and this nation. But while the darkness increases almost daily, a mighty church, (remnant), will arise and shine! It’s happening now!