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Presidential Prayer Watch


October 18, 2019 – Update (A Vision from Latvia)



   The term ‘relentless’ means: showing no abatement of severity, intensity, strength, or pace. This describes the actions of those who have, from his first day in office sought to remove President Trump from the presidency. They will not give up, period! Their goal of completely shredding the constitution and remaking America into what they envision is what keeps them on their path. Those of us who know what his removal would mean must not give up either.


     We cannot forget that more than a political battle we are engaged in a fight initiated, organized and conducted from the spiritual realm. As we have often mentioned, we are fighting for the soul of a nation and the souls in this nation. Our enemy is relentless but so are we.


     Years ago I read about Sir Henry Shackleton and his crew of twenty seven courageous men and one castaway, who set out on a journey to be the first humans to cross the Polar continent.


     Two years prior to the journey Shackleton was disappointed time after time when promised grants for financial assistance failed to come to pass. Finally through his unwavering persistence and confidence his dream became reality.