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Presidential Prayer Watch

Update 7-28-20


1.     ‘At War with Man and with God’ (Marxism as described by Karl Marx)

2.    August Presidential Prayer Watch Night Watch – Begins at midnight this Friday through Saturday morning, August 1). SEE INFO BELOW.


At War with Man and with God

(Marxism as described by Karl Marx)


     When MLB opened the season bowing their heads and kneeling to Black Lives Matter, while at the same time kneeling in disrespect to America, they were giving honor to a political system responsible for the murder of over one hundred million people. This according to a recent article in the USA Today. Although that number is probably low!

     Many of the victims of Marxist ideology were tortured, starved, assassinated, and treated in some of the most inhumane ways imaginable.   

     Although MLB and other leftist politicians would never admit to this, nevertheless giving honor to Karl Marx was exactly what happened this past week in America while many, including our children, tuned in.

     One only has to look for themselves to discover that the co-founder of BLM admitted that she and others within BLM are ‘trained Marxists’ (NY Post June 2020).

     While much has been written about the atrocities committed at the hands of those who identify as Marxist/Socialist/Communist, we need to understand a little more about the father of Marxism, Karl Marx.

     Although most Marxists today would say they are atheists, Marx was a deeply religious man. In fact, Marx was a staunch Satanists who rejected and even considered himself to be at war with the God of the bible and His creation.