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Presidential Prayer Watch

January 17, 2020 –UPDATE

The Impeachment Trial, Virginia State of Emergency

and the Spirit of Prophecy


     The book of Jude is a call to contend and battle false teachers and teachings. The challenge would be risky, especially in the middle of a spreading apostasy which was affecting some they never imagined would fall to such obvious deception. Jude who himself was a true bondservant of Jesus Christ charged the saints of his day to contend for the faith once and for all delivered to the saints. To assist them in the fight, Jude encourages the believers to be those who were “praying in the Holy Spirit”. The saints of Jude’s day were called to a fight that would determine the eternal destiny of multitudes. They could not grow weary. Too much was at stake.


     This week, two major events will take place in America that demand the church arise and fight. Not will fleshly weapons of our own making, but in intercession, which is far more powerful.  


     As all of you are aware the ‘so-called’ impeachment trial of the president, which is nothing but a coup-attempt to remove the president from office will begin on Tuesday, January 21st. If the goal of removing him is not achieved the plan and hope is to do irreparable damage to his presidency in the eyes of the public ahead of the 2020 elections. Those who’ve charged the president of interfering in the elections are doing exactly what they are falsely accusing him of doing. Those accusing the president of obstructing congress are the very one’s obstructing justice from taking place.


     As discussed before, this strategy has always been in the playbook for conducting effective revolutions and in the overthrowing of governments. Without question this is a strategy from the courts of hell.


     Another scheme from this playbook is to convince your enemy that you have more power than you really have. As Saul Alinsky in his book, Rules for Radicals writes, ‘power is not only what you have but its what your enemy thinks you have. Understanding this tactic is where you and I and a host of other intercessors come in. The real truth is exactly as Jesus described in Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give you (His followers) authority to trample (tread) on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” As believers in Jesus we have been given the authority, the power, the anointing, the commissioning and the honor (see Psalm 149) to dismantle and destroy the works of darkness that threaten the lives of people and nations.


     In praying for what is about to unfold in America we are confident the Holy Spirit will show us how to pray. In addition, here are some suggestions over the next few weeks: